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but be humble and always

zone... Be confident,

outside of your comfort

the haters. Walk

gut. Don't listen to

focused. Follow your 

in that work. Get 

belongs to you. Put

mind already

have seen in your

everything you

Believing that 

remember to enjoy the journey...







Jim Morrison

Artistic Director at Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia

I Am Perfectly Me is a delightfully simple story whose cast of smiling characters playfully promote pride in their diversity and uniqueness. A hopeful story that every child, regardless of circumstance, will enjoy. Written by brothers, Keonté and Antonio Beals, with illustrations by Keonté, MermaidTV now promotes the story with a live puppetry adaption that can be viewed on the MermaidTV Network as part of the Story Box Theatre series.


"I wish that when I was younger I had the opportunity to see somebody that looks like me on the cover of a book. Representation is so important especially for kids. They need to see themselves to know that they are worthy. That all things are possible. I don't want to be anybody's role model - I just hope that my life can be an example of having a dream, working towards it and making it come true."

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