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"In October 2021, King's Theatre had the great joy of presenting Keonté Beals to perform his powerful music, share his beautiful children's book, and bring his inspiring message to youth of all ages in Annapolis County. Keonté gave multiple performances in five schools (from Elementary to High School). In addition, we brought one elementary school to King's Theatre to experience Keonté in the theatre environment. He also visited Bear River Mi'kmaw First Nation and made some meaningful connections there. These shows reached approximately 1000 youth in total. From the first word, the first note, Keonté had the students spellbound. He has a true gift for connecting with youth of all ages. The youth responded resoundingly to his affirmations, laughed at his stories, stood respectfully in as he sang the Black National Anthem, sang along to songs he taught them, asked him a million questions, and mobbed him for his autograph at the end of each show. Later in the year when the students were asked to identify a hero or do a profile on a great Nova Scotian, many chose Keonté. His message was that you have the power to be a success at whatever you choose. He delivered his message with joy and love, and made a lasting impression on the lives of our youth."

- Janet Larkman

(Executive Director at Kings Theatre and President of Atlantic Presenters Association)

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author hugging participant at a book tour event


From the moment Keonte starts to sing while setting up and checking his equipment - curious kids take a peek into the gym to “check him out.” Welcoming them warmly in the kindest manner - Keonté makes a connection with them and immediately the engagement has begun. While the kids enter the gym class by class - Keonté greets them asking how they’re doing and if they’re excited about a new day! The engagement continues. 


Keonte’s ability to connect, engage and inspire both the students and staff with his storytelling and singing is INSPIRATIONAL! Watching the students light up when speaking directly to their age/grade level and having them call and respond “WE CAN” emits pure JOY!


Kindness. Engagement. Education. Inspiration. Talent. Keonté Beals has it all! ❤


- Caroline Adams

(Consultant of Student Equity for Annapolis Valley Regional Centre for Education)

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author engaging with participant at an event
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