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KBeals Entertainment is a book publishing and touring company founded and owned by award-winning singer-songwriter Keonté Beals. At KBeals Entertainment, we give a platform to writers and creatives to tell their stories — THEIR way. As a company, our mission is to amplify the voices and experiences of folks who aren't often given the chance to be heard.


Keonté and his younger brother Antonio collaborated as writers and illustrators on their popular children's book "I Am Perfectly Me," which has sold over 1000 copies across Nova Scotia and Ontario. “I Am A KING” is our latest book and follows young Shamar and his dad as they take you on a journey through what it means to be a king. The messages in our books and work are for everybody — regardless of shape, colour, background, or age. That's what we love most.


In addition to creating and publishing children's books, we produce tours to share the messages of those books with as many people as possible. Our tours cover Nova Scotia and beyond, presenting book readings and dynamic and interactive presentations filled with inspiration, motivation, storytelling, and songs performed live by Keonté. We have already reached thousands of kids, teaching them to love themselves and be respectful to others. This is bigger than us — it's about inspiring the next generation to be the best generation yet!

Keonté Beals

Michael Upfold

Keonté Beals is a multi-award-winning singer-songwriter, musician, producer, performer, author, and entrepreneur from North Preston, Nova Scotia. In 2021, Keonté self-published his first children's book 'I Am Perfectly Me' alongside his younger brother, Antonio Beals. The book sold thousands of copies and led to Keonté's company, KBeals Entertainment, launching its publishing arm in 2022 following a launch of 'Je suis parfaitement moi' - an Acadian French translation of the famous English release. Keonté and KBeals Entertainment headlined 'The I Am Experience Tour,' a Canadian school tour produced by the company and presented to thousands of kids all across Canada in provinces such as Ontario and Nova Scotia. Keonté illustrates all the "I Am" books as a multidisciplinary artist.

Owner & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Michael Upfold, a Canadian entrepreneur, founded Norfside Entertainment Inc. in 2017. It started as a Toronto-based booking agency before expanding globally. Collaborating with renowned artists such as Keke Palmer, Coi Leray, Benita, Pressa, and Zai1k, Norfside Entertainment became a prominent force in the industry. Recently, Michael diversified into publishing, partnering with author Keonté Beals and co-leading initiatives such as the 'I Am Experience Tour.'

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

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