KBeals Entertainment | kébe

Not many people are lucky enough to know what they’ve wanted to do as a career at such a young age. I have been pursuing the same dream since I was 6 years old.


I grew up in my great-grandmother Lillian Smith's house with 9 other family members. I shared a room with 3 of my cousins. My great-grandmother was an entrepreneur. Nobody in the family recognized that until I did a story with CBC talking about her being an entrepreneur. She had a candy store and sold baked goods & quilts - so growing up I would watch her do all of these things and make money from them to provide for her family. She was a hustler.


Music came naturally for me as a young man growing up in a very musical church. Watching choirs and soloists singing and drawing such raw emotion from the congregation made me ask myself if I could provoke that same emotion out of folks as well using the voice that I didn't even know I possessed at that time. I always knew that I loved music and that I wanted to be like my grandmother. Of course, back then I didn't think of that as being an entrepreneur - I just wanted to be like her.


So I had this love for both music and business/entrepreneurship, but I've never had an example of a musician from Nova Scotia, hell, in Canada period being a total entrepreneur and venturing into business outside of the music industry. There was a void to be filled. Fast forward to here and now - I realize the purpose in all of that. A majority of the things I do today are based on me looking for examples of these things as a kid and not being able to find them. Me looking for the blueprint - not realizing that I would become the blueprint.


I have such a long ways to go. But I believe in myself so much that I know anything I touch will be successful. Even failure is a success - because failure isn't anything but redirection and a moment to build strength.


So what is KBeals Entertainment | kébe? It is a place of creative freedom through all forms of art. It is a place built off of the roots of my grandmother and family. It is a company that will one day go down in history for not only being successful financially - but also for breaking chains and making a difference along the way. KBeals Entertainment is a manifestation of real authentic energy.



CEO, Keonté Beals