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About KBeals Entertainment

KBeals Entertainment was founded by multi-award winning musician/entertainer Keonté Beals from North Preston, Nova Scotia. KBeals Entertainment is an all-around entertainment company, producing a variety of different forms of entertainment including music, film, fashion & literary arts.

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Keonté Beals

Keonté Beals is a multi-talented award winning artist and entertainer from North Preston, Nova Scotia. Keonté has been involved in the world of entertainment since the age of 6. Since 6, Keonté dreamed of being a business owner/entrepreneur and creating a foundation where he can produce quality content through different forms of entertainment without limitations. 

"As a natural-born story teller, I wanted to be able to tell my stories through whatever form of entertainment I was inspired to do so in. That could be through music, through film, through fashion, whatever the case my be. I want to be able to channel my emotions through more than just one form of art." He says. "Ive dedicated my life to the business of people and art. Being authentic and transparent in hopes that my art can heal somebody out there. If my art touches only one person and it helps them then I've done my job."

Photo taken by Declan O'Dowd